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Stockists: Packaged Focaccia Sandwiches

Our heat-sealed Focaccia sandwiches are a triumph of culinary craftsmanship, packed with specialty meats and smothered in our irresistible Dedwood signature sauces. They’re encased in our house-baked Focaccia bread which retains its delectable freshness for up to four days post-production, ensuring a rich, wholesome taste in every bite, every time. Enjoy the delicate balance of our flavors.

Deli Style, Toasted

Sourdough Sandwiches

Our daily fresh sourdough sandwiches are a tour de force of tantalizing flavors. Starting with the vibrant chimichurri steak, moving to the unforgettably tender house slow-roasted brisket, and ending with a New York classic Reuben, these sandwiches promise a gastronomic journey. They’re meticulously prepared each day, wrapped in our airy, tangy sourdough bread, and designed to perfection for display cabinets, ensuring a striking blend of mouthwatering appeal and unforgettable taste.

Salads, Oat Bowls, Soups & More

Explore our extended  offerings: crisp, fresh Salads, hearty Oat Bowls, indulgent Focaccia Pizzas, and more. Dedwood Deli provides a diverse array of nutritious and delicious options, each carefully crafted with premium ingredients to cater to a wide range of palates. Expand your offering, delight your customers with our delectable variety.

Pizza al taglio:

Our delicious pizza al taglio is a mouthwatering Italian specialty that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. This style of pizza is known for its rectangular shape and thick, fluffy crust. The name “al taglio” translates to “by the cut,” indicating that it is sold in rectangular slices rather than the traditional round shape.



Why Dedwood Deli?

Opt for Dedwood Deli for quality and convenience. Our sandwiches, renowned for freshness and flavor, cater to diverse tastes. Our daily Auckland-wide delivery ensures you’re always stocked with fresh offerings, boosting customer satisfaction. Partner with us to enhance your selection with our culinary excellence and streamlined logistics.

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