Hot Sandwiches

Chimi’ Steak

A Dedwood specialty, our quintessential Sammy. A match made in heaven between, fresh cooked medium rare Sirloin Steak and house-made Chimichurri dressing. Loaded with our 3 cheese blend, and a generous spread of Dedwood tomato chipotle relish.


Chipotle Chicken

Thoroughly spiced and tenderly roasted Chicken thigh, paired with our homemade lemon miso Aioli, tomato chipotle sauce, candied maple walnuts and a cute bed of baby spinach and tomato slices. This is a Certified Dedwood classic, trust us, you’ll love it.


Korean Pork Belly

Slow Roasted orange and thyme pork belly slices, glazed with our favourite in-house Honey Gochujang mayo. Paired with a fresh Sesame slaw, crushed roasted peanuts and a good dollop of kewpie Mayo (if you know, you know) This one’s a people pleaser, not too spicy, but DEFINITELY saucey…


    Three Cheese Portobello

    Our go-to veggie option, Portobello mushrooms loaded with Blue cheese, Cream cheese and Parmesan, topped with Swiss cheese, tomato relish and a lovely bed of baby spinach. This’ll fill you up and have you back later for more.


    BBQ Brisket

    Pulled bbq beef brisket, lemon miso Aioli, our bomb black bean sofrito mix (black beans cooked w bacon, green peppers, onion and mad garlic), and a fresh sesame slaw (cabbage, pickled ginger, carrot, shallots, spring onion, red onion and sesame oil)


      New York Reuben

      New York’s Classic Reuben. In-house slow cooked Pastrami with Dedwood 3 cheese blend, Swiss cheese, Sauerkraut, McClure’s sweet & spicy pickles and homemade Russian dressing


      Fresh Sandwiches

      Mozz’ Oregano on Pide


      Mozzarella Prosciutto 



      Brekky Bap

      Crispy Bacon, Creamy Eggs & Dedwood Chimichurri Mayo The best brekky option you’ll find.



        Kōkako coffee

        Highest quality beans, roasted in our very own neighbourhood – Mt Eden. Available with range of milk options.

        $4.50 – $5.5 (depending on size)

        Black Kōkako coffee

        Ditch the milk, and enjoy the Kōkako coffee black. Enjoying goodness and supporting local.


        Alternative Milks 

        coconut, oat, soy, almond, cream.