Meet the

Sandwich Kings.

Meet Adrian

We want Dedwood to be so much more than your average Sandwich shop. We want it be your hub for lunch, your safe spot, your haven.

If Adrian ever had a passion, it’s business. Adrian isn’t your average Deli owner. He sees the business as more than just the little hub on Ponsonby Road, he has big dreams for the brand, so keep an eye out!

Meet Alex

Our Menu is thoughtfully curated, designed to make explosions of flavours in the mouth. Every bite, a new experience.

Food has always been a passion for Alex. It’s his dream to share his crazy concoctions with the people of Ponsonby. No matter how weird of wacky, if the flavours melt in your mouth, it’s going on the menu!

Captain Dedwood

Why Dedwood Deli?

A little known fact about Ponsonby is its original name was Dedwood, after Captain Dedwood in 1845. No one knows why or who he really was. It was also changed to Ponsonby not shortly after, but we thought Dedwood Deli sounded dope, so we went with the throwback.